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White Sand and Stone

  Everything Divine 
Spiritual Guidance and Healing Services

Welcome to Everything Divine, where your spiritual growth and well-being are our highest callings. Our mission is to illuminate the path for those who seek enlightenment, healing, and personal transformation. Everything Divine isn't just a service; it's a sanctuary for the soul.


Founder: As a seasoned Psychic, Medium, Tarot reader, and Reiki Master Practitioner, our founder embodies a rich tapestry of spiritual disciplines. Their unique blend of expertise as a Spiritual Advisor, Certified Life Coach, Meditation Facilitator, Spiritualist, and Astrologer has forged a comprehensive approach to personal and spiritual development.


Our Key Services

  • Psychic Readings: Delve into the depths of your past, present, and future with our personalized psychic insights, including Tarot and Oracle card readings tailored to reveal the mosaic of your life's journey.


  • Spiritual Life Coaching: These sessions are crafted to empower you with strategies and guidance for overcoming life's hurdles, enabling you to ascend further on your spiritual expedition.


  • Reiki Healing: Balance your energy fields and initiate a process of holistic healing with our in-person and distance Reiki sessions.


  • Meditation Facilitation: Join us as we guide you through meditation practices designed to instill serenity, diminish stress, and expand your spiritual consciousness.


  • Astrological Consultations: Your celestial blueprint awaits exploration through our in-depth astrological analyses, personalizing the cosmic dance of planets to your life's narrative.


  • Spiritual and Travel Blogs: Our blogs serve as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, addressing a plethora of spiritual topics and mapping out paths to the world's unique spiritual destinations.


  • Spell Work and Ritual Services: Bespoke rituals and spell work are orchestrated to align with your intentions—be it for manifestation, protection, or enlightenment.


Our Patronage

Our services are attuned to the frequencies of Spiritual Seekers, Wellness Enthusiasts, Personal Growth followers, and Astrology Lovers. Whether you are dipping your toes in the metaphysical pool or swimming in the deep waters of spirituality, Everything Divine offers a compassionate hand to guide you.


What Sets Us Apart

  • A symbiotic blend of spiritual practices to suit all dimensions of your being.

  • Customized services that resonate with your individuality and accompany you on your spiritual voyage.

  • An ethical and empowering compass guides our services, nurturing personal autonomy and spiritual prosperity.

  • An offering of not simply consultations but an inclusive learning experience via our specialized blogs.

  • Borderless spiritual counsel and support, reaching you anywhere in the world through the power of modern technology.

  • A trusted haven for those seeking solace in spirituality and the metaphysical realm.


Our Voice

At Everything Divine, we communicate with an Empowering, Compassionate, and Enlightened voice. It is a voice that echoes the clarity of truth, the warmth of empathy, and the luminescence of higher knowledge. It's more than an exchange of words—it's the transference of wisdom from one soul to another.

Join us at Everything Divine—where your spiritual ascension is nurtured, and your inner divinity is celebrated. Transform, transcend, and traverse the realms of spirituality with grace and insight.

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