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How To Make Your Own Self-Love Potion

Self-love is a powerful force

It can be the difference between feeling stuck in life and feeling empowered to make a change. So how do we tap into this source of power? One way is through the use of self-love potions, which are mixtures of oils and herbs used to anoint oneself with love and intention. Let’s explore what ingredients you need and how to craft your own self-love potion.

How to Use Your Self-Love Potion

Once you have all the ingredients in place, it’s time to mix together your potion! Simply add all of the ingredients together in whatever proportions feel right for you (the example above gives starting amounts). Once it’s ready, anoint yourself with it when you need a bit of extra self-love. You can also use this time to set an intention—what do you want this potion to do for you? Do you w