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Reclaiming Your Energy: A Guide After Love

In the aftermath of a relationship, we often linger amidst the echoes of what once was. It's as though pieces of our energy still inhabit the shared moments, the memories, and the emotions tied to an ex-lover. It's in this terrain that the art of calling back your energy becomes essential to healing — a way to gather those scattered fragments and become whole once more. This blog post is an exploration of 'Reclaiming Your Energy,' a concept that is both a balm and a rite of passage for those journeying through the tender field of post-relationship healing.

What is a Calling Your Energy Back Ritual?

A 'Calling Your Energy Back Ritual' is your private, sacred ceremony to retrieve fragments of your energy left in conversations, in emotional exchanges, and within the intangible contracts of past relationships. The beauty of this ritual lies in its simplicity and in the profound truth it brings to light: you are whole, even when you feel broken into a million shards.

This ritual is not complicated—it does not require grandeur or excess. It demands only your intention and your belief in your own wholeness. Whether you're closing your eyes in the sanctuary of your room or finding a moment of peace in a bustling city park, this practice is about returning to your center.

How to Practice a Calling Your Energy Back Ritual

Begin by grounding yourself in your familiar space. Here's a gentle guide to aid you in this process:

  1. Find Your Ground: Take deep, soulful breaths. Feel the air fill your lungs and the earth beneath your feet, or imagine roots extending from the base of your spine into the ground. Arrive fully in this moment, in this vessel that is your body.

  2. Silence the Noise: If possible, create a quiet, undisturbed space. Turn off any distractions. If silence is not an option, let the noise fade into the background as you focus inward.

  3. Call on Your Circle: Mentally invite the presence of any guides, ancestors, deities, or elements that resonate with your spirit. Picture them as a circle of protection and support around you.

  4. Visualize and Reclaim: Close your eyes and envision every part of your scattered energy. See them as luminescent particles or stars. Begin calling them back to you, from people, places, and past recollections. As they return, acknowledge each piece with gratitude and warmth.

  5. Affirm Your Wholeness: As suggested by spiritual healers and wellness influencers alike, affirm to yourself: "I am whole, I am enough, I am complete. Nothing and no one can diminish my light."

  6. Nourish: After reclaiming your energy, engage in activities that enrich your soul and affirm your worth. Surround yourself with people and practices that uplift you.

  7. Thank and Release: Conclude your ritual by expressing gratitude to your circle of guides for providing strength and guidance. Release them with love, knowing you can call on them whenever you need.

"In the realm of emotional healing, reclaiming your energy is a profound act of self-love," shares a renowned relationship coach. "It's not about erasing the past but about embracing your present power."

Remember, this ritual isn't a one-time cure-all. It's a practice you can return to as often as needed. Just as the seasons change, so will your need to recalibrate, to call back your essence, to stand in your own vibrant light.

It is not the complexity of the spell but the purity of intention that makes the magic happen. And while calling your energy back may seem mystical, it's rooted in a simple conviction: you are, and always have been, a magnificent being of energy. No past lover, no ended relationship, no moment of heartache can take that away. Your energy is yours, and it is your birthright to call it back and hold it close, not just today, but every day hereafter.

Never forget, that the most profound relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Let this ritual be a stepping stone towards a renewed sense of love and reverence for your being.

Go forward with this mantra: "My energy is whole, my spirit is bright, I recall my power, I embrace my light."

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