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The Spiritual Uses of Salt

For centuries, salt has been used for spiritual purposes. Though we commonly use salt to add flavor to our food, salt has a long and storied history of spiritual uses. For centuries, people have used salt for everything from protecting their homes from negative energy to cleansing their bodies and souls. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most common spiritual uses of salt.


One of the most common uses of salt is purification. This can be done by sprinkling salt water around your space or by using a salt lamp. Salt lamps are said to absorb negative energy and can be used to purify your home or office. You can also add salt to your bathwater to help you relax and release any negative energy you may be carrying.


Salt is also used as a protection against evil spirits. A circle of salt around your bed at night is said to keep bad dreams away. You can also use salt to protect your space from negative energy by scattering it around the room or placing it in the corners. Some people even keep a dish of salt by the front door to ward off any negative energy that might come into the home.