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A Simple and Easy Way To Manifest Love Using Tarot Cards and This New Moon in Cancer Energy

If you're looking to add a little magick to your life, why not try using tarot cards? Tarot can be used for rituals and spellwork, using these 4 amazingly simple and easy steps.

If you're looking for an easy way to add a touch of magic to your spells, Tarot cards may be just what you need! Tarot cards are one of the most popular tools for spell casting and are often used as a way to connect with the spiritual realm. While their use dates back centuries, there is still much mystery surrounding these cards. Each card has its own unique meaning and can be used to help you focus on your goals and intentions. Tarot cards are a great tool for casting spells. They allow you to have complete control over the spell that you want, as long as your intentions are good and pure. If you're interested in learning more about tarot cards and how to use them for spell casting, keep reading! I'll discuss some of the basics of how to use Tarot Cards for spellcasting, as well as some common tarot card spreads that can be helpful when creating spells.


Why Is Using Tarot For Manifesting Easy?

Tarot cards offer a great way to cast spells and tap into your spiritual side. By understanding the symbolism and meaning behind each card, you can unleash their power to create positive change in your life. Whether you're seeking guidance on your love life, career, or other areas of concern, tarot can provide valuable insights. Using Tarot or Oracle cards you have complete control over the spell. You get to choose what you want it to look like, what ingredients to use, and how to cast it. The Tarot will do most of the work for you, you just have to set the intention and create the environment for your spell. So why not give it a try? who knows, you may just be surprised by what you discover.

Tools Needed: When you're casting spells, the type of tools that are used can make all the difference. You could do this casting with just tarot cards alone but I suggest adding elements like fire, water, air, and earth into your magical workings too! These will give each spell its own unique energies which may be necessary for success. There are many ways to add magical energies and elements to your spells. You could use tarot cards, crystals, or even visualize objects like water bowls for each of the four natural directions (Elements). This could be as simple as adding a cup of water or sea shells to represent the element of water, a tealight candle to represent Fire, incense to represent air, and dirt or flowers to represent the element of earth. Also a pen and paper can help if you would like to write out your intention. For More Inspo On This Check Out This Youtube Link For A Step By Step How-To Video

Basic Tools To perform a ritual or cast a spell with tarot cards, you will need:

-A deck of tarot cards

-A quiet, comfortable space in which to work

-An intent or purpose for your spell or ritual

Step One: You want to start off by indulging in a good energy-clearing exercise that will clear your mind and allow you to set strong intentions for your spell's key goals. Remember to make it as direct as possible. Clearing your mind and magical space of any negative energy is a crucial step in casting an effective spell. You can do this with meditation or by burning sage near the perimeter of where you'll be working during cast time, which will both help keep bad spirits at bay and clear up anything else that might distract you from focusing on what needs to happen next! As soon as you feel ready to start, cast your circle of protection and begin.

Step Two: The next step in casting a tarot card Spell or Manifestation is to choose which cards you want. This process should be done with an idea or story that relates back to your desired outcome. This is a very important step in the process. It will help you get what your heart desires by aligning yourself with the intentions of each card. Once you’ve picked out your desired tarot cards, set them aside.

For Example: If you want to bring a lover back from the past you might consider the Lovers Card and The Chariot. If you would like to Heal a relationship you might consider the The Lovers card and the Temperance card. This manifestation/Spell Work can even be used for self-love or even healing your inner child. It all works on your set goals and intentions.

Step Three: Clear your space and then carefully arrange all of the tools needed for performing this ritual on it- including tarot cards! Be sure to place the cards on the altar facedown so no images are faced upward when you begin. If you incorporated candles and incense this is the time to say a prayer and light them.

Step Four: When you are ready to perform the ritual, turn over each card with thoughts of what it means and focus on your intention until all tarot cards have been used. Visualize white light filling them so that their energy can be released from this world into another with pure poitivity. And Just like that beloved your spell is casted and complete! Simple right

Once you’ve completed your ritual don't forget to cleanse yourself and the area around where it occurred. This step helps eliminate any negative energy that may have been attached during casting process.

You Are Now An Offical Tarot Spell Caster

Congratulations on completing your spell! Comment down below and let me know what your goal was. Be sure to also share any tips or advice you may have for other aspiring magicians. I hope this article helped provide some clarity into the process of tarot spell casting, and that you feel empowered to use these techniques in order to manifest your desires.

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