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Top 10 Magickal Properties of Roses

Beloved by many and steeped in magickal lore, roses have a rich history spanning cultures and centuries. These versatile flowers can be used for everything from attracting love to banishing negative energy, making them a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve their life. Here are the top 10 magickal properties of roses that you can harness to manifest your desires.

1. Love: Their whimsical petals and intoxicating aroma make them the perfect floral symbol of love. Roses have long been associated with love and romance, making them the perfect addition to any spell or ritual designed to attract a new partner or reignite the spark in a current relationship.

To draw love into your life, try making a rose sachet filled with rose petals, vanilla beans, and a dash of cinnamon. Carry it with you or keep it near your bed to attract love.

2. Healing: Roses are also known for their ability to heal the brokenhearted and provide comfort during times of grief. For many, roses are a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

By their presence alone, roses have the ability to fill a room with hope and love. Their sweet fragrance can tantalize the senses and lift the spirits. Roses have a long association with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and since ancient times, they have been revered for their ability to soothe the soul and nurture the heart. If you are seeking comfort after a loss or heartbreak, allow roses to fill your space with healing energy. Rose petals can be used to treat everything from anxiety and depression to wounds and skin conditions like eczema.

To make a healing tea, simmer 1 ounce of dried rose petals in 1 pint of water for 15 minutes. Strain and drink as needed.

3. Protection: Roses are often used in protective magic because of their ability to banish negative energy. (Rose Thorns Also Help With Protection)

To create a protective sachet, fill a small bag with fresh rose petals and add a pinch of black pepper and salt. Carry it with you or keep it in a place where you feel safe.

4. Abundance: If you're looking to attract more money or opportunity into your life, roses can help! Roses have long been associated with wealth and prosperity, so placing a few fresh blooms in your home could help to bring some positive energy your way.

Add fresh or dried rose petals to your wallet or place them near your front door to encourage abundance. You can also try adding rosewater to your bathtub before soaking in it for 20 minutes to receive the magickal benefits of this potent flower.

5. Divination: The meanings of rose petals can vary depending on their color. Red rose petals represent love, passion, and desire. Pink rose petals represent innocence, purity, and elegance. White rose petals represent purity, honesty, and new beginnings. Yellow rose petals represent happiness, joy, and friendship. Orange rose petals represent energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Blue rose petals represent peace, tranquility, and calm. Purple rose petals represent royalty, wisdom, and power. Black rose petals represent mystery, darkness, and secrets. Use in Love spells, Dry for future spells, use in baths, and Mandala Healing Grids.

To divine the future using roses, add 7 fresh petals to a bowl of cool water. Gaze at the water for 5 minutes, then meditate on your question until you fall asleep. Check the water in the morning for symbols that will give you guidance about what lies ahead.

6. Creativity: Are you feeling stuck creatively? Draw inspiration from the roses! Wearing rose-scented perfume or placing fresh roses near your workspace can help jumpstart your creativity and get those juices flowing again.

7. Inspiration: If you need some motivation or inspiration in your life, try working with roses! For example, try writing down your goals and placing them inside a jar filled with fresh rose petals. Keep the jar near your desk or somewhere else where you'll see it regularly to be reminded of what you're working towards.

8. Prosperity: To welcome more prosperity into your life, try using roses in spells and rituals related to wealth attraction. For example, try placing a green sachet filled with fresh rose petals under your mattress to encourage financial growth.

9. Psychic Abilities: open yourself up psychically by drinking rosehip tea or keeping fresh roses near your bedside table while you sleep.

10. Sweeten Communication: Roses can be used as tools for communication—both with others and with otherworldly beings like spirits and deities.

As you can see, there are many magickal properties associated with roses that can be harnessed for spellwork and ritual purposes. Whether you're looking for love, healing, protection, or something else entirely, there's sure to be a rose-based magickal solution that can help you achieve your desired outcome. So go out and get yourself some blossoms, your magickal work awaits!


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