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5 Unique Ways Cannabis can be used to Expand your Consciousness and Enhance Meditation

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

5D Consciousness Effects of Marijuana

5 Unique Ways Cannabis can be used to Expand your Consciousness and Enhance Meditation Practices

Are you looking for an effective way to expand your consciousness and enhance your meditation practice? If so, the answer may lie within the leaves of a seemingly simple plant. Cannabis has been used in spiritual and medicinal practices for centuries by many cultures around the world, yet few take advantage of its ability to help us connect with our higher selves and experience deeper states of meditation. In this blog post, we’ll explore how cannabis can be used as an intentional conscious opener, increasing creativity, intuition and helping create avenues to self-exploration while gaining a new appreciation of the mind-body connection. Unlocking these life-transforming tools through proper preparation is key - it's time to light up with a purpose!

Cannabis can be an extraordinarily powerful tool for deepening and enriching your spiritual practice. Whether you're a seasoned or budding spiritualist, smoke weed on the regular, or are just curious about its potential to expand consciousness, tapping into the power of this plant medicine can help you stay more connected to yourself, promote clarity of thought and awareness around energies both seen and unseen. On one hand, it is comforting to think that cannabis has been used in many cultures around the world as a healing modality - one that can enhance meditation. On the other hand, it presents evidence of how such an ancient practice may now also be explored with modern science; as we gain a greater understanding of how exactly cannabis affects our bodies mentally and physically when ingested in different forms.

The Goal here is to Draw on ancient wisdom and harness the therapeutic potential of this very magical plant, using cannabis to expand consciousness provides creativity-driven insight into ourselves and our spirituality. When used in moderation and taken with an open heart, marijuana has been known to unlock a doorway into states of expanded consciousness that can increase mindfulness during meditation. When combined with intention setting, contemplation, and awareness, cannabis can become a powerful tool for exploration within this vast inner universe. Combining cannabis with meditation can be a seductively enlightening and liberating experience, offering up an intoxicating mix of healing energy and connection to something greater than yourself. For those ready to delve deeper into what this entails and learn about how to use cannabis in order to reach higher planes of spiritual awareness this blog post we'll explore these topics further; bringing together insights from both scientific research & traditional practices so that you might find your own way towards utilizing cannabis for elevating your consciousness & mediation capabilities.

What Exactly is 5D Consciousness?

5D Consciousness is said to be the highest state of consciousness available to humanity. The concept of 5D Consciousness captures our imagination as much as it perplexes us. It is more than a heightened level of understanding and awareness; it is about ultimate transformation. To reach 5D Consciousness is to touch the outer reaches of who we can be as human beings. It offers us a new way of interacting with life and ourselves, with a perception that transcends our Earthly reality. This higher state of awareness opens up unimagined potential within us, unlocking vistas that were previously out of our reach. By embracing 5D Consciousness, we can open up new perspectives on how to live our lives, explore far-reaching ideas and understandings, and discover what lies beyond our everyday understanding. This can be a life-changing experience both personally and collectively as it strengthens one's connection with the subtle world of energy, unlocking deep inner wisdom within us all. Through 5D Consciousness, we are granted the power to perceive and experience the fundamental unity of all things – and in doing so, we are presented with access to the greatest secrets of the universe and its infinite possibilities. Most notably, we can develop an enlightened perspective on life, enabling us to live with greater purpose and joy. 5D Consciousness is a state of being that goes beyond our normal conscious understanding. It is the ultimate connection to higher truth and total understanding, allowing those in this state of awareness to see the full essence of life and all its possibilities. Those who experience this heightened level of consciousness feel a sense of connection with something much greater than just their individual existence — their ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking is nothing short of remarkable. This type of recollection and contemplation can often lead to profound insights about the world around us and how we interact within it. By allowing ourselves to explore these inner depths, we can begin to unravel a greater truth – one that provides us with a deeper level of understanding and clarity on our purpose in life. 5D Consciousness truly offers us access to an entirely new realm, one that holds the key to unlocking the vast potential within ourselves.

Why is the combination of cannabis and meditation so effective?

The connection between cannabis and meditation is a fascinating one; together, the two can offer effective insight into the mysteries of life. Of course, each on its own does have powerful benefits, but by combining both these activities in tandem, one can open up their inner world to some truly captivating experiences. While it may be hard to pin down exactly why this combination is so effective, many believe that it allows us to access deeper parts of ourselves - those hidden away even from our conscious awareness. In this way, the mixture of cannabis and meditation provides a unique window into discovering what makes us truly unique. The pairing of cannabis and meditation is a powerful combination that has been effective for countless individuals in helping to reduce stress, increase happiness, and even improve overall physical health. The relationship between the two makes it easier for some people to achieve a heightened level of consciousness wherein deeper understanding can be reached. It may very well be that this type of exploration unlocks portions of the mind previously inaccessible, giving us an almost spiritual connection to our true selves and the world around us. Beyond its ability to unlock the potential within our inner psyches, cannabis and meditation can offer us essential insight into what is truly important in life. The effective combination of cannabis and meditation has long been a source of intrigue for many. This potent duo combines the palliative effects of cannabis with the introspective nature of meditation to create an experience that has the potential to facilitate enlightenment. Cannabis has been used throughout history as both a form of respite from physical pain as well as a therapeutic enhancer to access higher planes of conscious awareness. Meditation amplifies these experiences, encouraging practitioners to channel their energy inward to better understand themselves on a deeper level. When these two practices are united, they can result in an effective tool for self-discovery, allowing individuals to find solace in challenging times and clarity in uncertain ones.

Here Are 5 Unique Ways Cannabis can be used to Expand your Consciousness and Enhance Meditation Practices

1. Reiki Healing SessionReiki healing is an ancient Japanese practice that uses energy channels to restore balance in the body’s energy centers. Using cannabis during a Reiki session can help you enter into a deep meditative state, allowing for greater clarity and insight into the healing process.

2. Shamanic JourneyShamanic journeying is an ancient practice of entering into an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with spirit guides or power animals for guidance and healing. Cannabis can help you access deeper levels of consciousness, allowing you to feel more connected with the world around you during the journey.

The Ancient History of Cannabis & Taoism

Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with the universe's natural order. Ancient Taoist shamans used various plants to explore the connection between life force and divine energy, including cannabis and ginseng. They believed that consuming both of these plants together had the ability to cast their spirit forward in time, allowing them to gain insight into what would come to pass. This practice was seen as a way for shamans to connect with the gods and better understand the mysteries of nature—not only what would happen in their own lives but also how it was intertwined with the collective destiny of humanity.

3. Visualization and Creativity ExercisesVisualization exercises involve creating mental images in order to manifest desired outcomes or realities in your life. Combining visualization with cannabis can help create powerful visualizations that will lead to lasting positive changes in your life.

Creativity is deeply written into our humanity; a trait that is almost untouchable and utterly unique to us. Our brains are a divine force, inspiring ideas and manifesting thoughts unto physical reality the world has never seen before. Without creativity, our existence would be stripped of unique moments of delight, endlessly stuck in mundane mundanity. Like an aphrodisiac, even just the simple notion of creativity intoxicates us on a deeper level-- unleashing within us a Spiritual ecstasy, unleashing an almighty power of an ordinary experience never to be forgotten.

Cannabis has stirred human creativity throughout the ages. In 2700 BCE, Chinese medicine practitioners utilized it to cure absent-mindedness. Over the centuries, cannabis has proven to be an avidly intoxicating source for one's spiritual and creative pursuits; invoking visions of heightened mental exploration and Ecstacy like feelings. Truly, it can be credited with igniting blasts of insight across generations that could otherwise go unstimulated.

Adding cannabis to your creative rituals and projects can manifest as an enhancement that triggers the deep debts of your mind to bring forth new and amazing ideas.

4. Trance DanceTrance dancing is a type of guided meditation where participants move their bodies in rhythm with music while focusing on achieving a higher level of consciousness or spiritual connection. Trance Dance is a one-of-a-kind experience that transports participants into an otherworldly trance state, allowing them to journey inward through the power of sound. Adding cannabis into this practice can help you get into a deeper trance-like state, allowing for greater clarity and insight into the process. This combination immerses you in the deep and intoxicating energy that movement provides within the body.

San Healing Trance Dances.

The San people of Botswana Namibia, are ancient lineages descended from modern humans, that practiced the trance dance rituals. The San people are descendants of some of the oldest surviving bloodlines on earth, they are a captivating reminder that beauty and ancient wisdom go hand in hand. Hailing from Botswana and Namibia, their enigmatic spirit is steeped in tradition - one which honors our spiritual connection to the natural world. The San people of Botswana and Namibia - formerly known as Bushmen - use traditional trance dances to heal individuals and their community. In this sacred space guided by medicine songs passed down through generations. Through song and rhythm that courses like dark lightning from clap to beat combined with spiritual chants, healers are borne aloft by this spiritual maelstrom so powerful it can last for days on end, as power radiates outward offering healing onto all present within its domain.

5. Oracle/Tarot Card ReadingOracle cards are powerful divination tools that are often used for self-reflection, decision-making, and spiritual exploration. Incorporating cannabis into this practice can help open up your intuition, allowing for greater insight into the card readings and messages from spirit guides or angels on the other side of the veil.

Tarot and oracle self-readings combined with cannabis are a very powerful combination. Cannabis ushers in a mysterious power, bridging the gap between worlds and connecting its lovers to unseen realms. Ancient people and first nations tribes have tapped into this energy for healing purposes - unlocking spiritual revelations that guide souls in search of deeper truths or closer ties with something greater; an invitation from God himself. Though awakening experiences such as these may not be universal, cannabis can undeniably lay the groundwork for incredible transformation – leading those willing on journeys of personal discovery beyond their wildest dreams!

More in-depth Ways to add cannabis to your meditative practices

Cannabis as a Sacred Plant Offerings - Cannabis is a sacred plant that is highly revered in many spiritual traditions. You can use cannabis as an offering to your higher self by burning it in a sacred space, such as a temple or shrine, or even outside under the stars. This allows you to connect deeply with your inner self while also allowing yourself to be open to new ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

Cannabis has been linked to many religious practices, gods, and deities.

Cannabis Through the Hindu Lens: The Intoxicating Spirituality of an Ancient Faith

In Hinduism, cannabis has long been treated as a sacred plant. It is said that the gods sent hemp out of compassion for the human race so that they may attain delight, lose fear, and increase sexual desires. This ancient faith is steeped in stories and legends that honor the power of cannabis - stories that have endured through generations and still captivate our modern minds. The most popular origin story among Hindus suggests that both gods and demons churned the milk ocean to obtain amrita, and Sanskrit for immortality, and received cannabis as a result. This tale is rooted in the idea that nothing can offer more relief than cannabis when it comes to life’s pains and struggles; thus, it became known as “the liberator” or “the bringer of joy” – a fitting name for a substance believed to be gifted from the heavens.

In Hinduism, devotees believed that all life was divinely inspired by the gods and goddesses. This belief extends to marijuana, which was thought to be a gift from some of these deities—a gift that should be shared among community members during religious festivals. Cannabis was also considered an offering to the favored god or goddess of each local temple, with devotees bringing offerings they believed would please their deity.

Cannabis consumption was also part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine—an ancient Hindu system of holistic health care based on natural remedies. In this branch of medicine, marijuana was used for pain relief as well as mental clarity; it was even prescribed for certain medical conditions such as migraines and anxiety. It is said that cannabis could bring people closer to their spiritual selves through heightened consciousness and introspection.

Cannabis-Enhanced Visualizations - Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for expanding your consciousness. You can use visualization techniques alongside cannabis to further enhance your experience. By combining the two modalities, you are able to access more vivid imagery and enter into deeper states of awareness than ever before. Try visualizing yourself surrounded by healing light or being connected to divine source energy.

Cannabis and Astral Projection - Astral projection is one of the oldest forms of spiritual exploration known to humankind. It involves leaving your physical body in order to explore higher planes of existence. Combining astral projection with cannabis can help amplify the effects of both modalities for an even more intense experience. Try lying flat on your back in a dark room while puffing on a strain of cannabis that induces relaxation in your mind and body.

Cannabis-Enhanced Sound Healing - Sound healing is another powerful tool for expanding your consciousness. With sound healing, you are able to tap into hidden realms of existence that are normally inaccessible through other means. Combining sound healing with cannabis can help amplify the effects of both modalities for an even more intense experience. Try listening to crystal singing bowls or binaural beats while smoking some CBD cannabis strains for relaxation.

Cannabis Meditation Journeys - Meditation journeys are one of the most popular ways that people use cannabis for spiritual exploration. By combining meditation with cannabis, you are able to tap into hidden realms of existence that would otherwise be inaccessible through other means. Try meditating on abstract concepts such as love or compassion.

The combination of cannabis and spiritual practices such as meditation offers a powerful way for individuals looking for expanded consciousness and heightened spiritual awarenesses. Whether it's through offering sacred plants, enhanced visualizations, sound healing journeys, astral projection flights or simply meditating on abstract concepts - there are countless ways that we can use this ancient medicine as a tool on our journey toward enlightenment. So take time out today and explore these unique techniques - you won't regret it!


What a great read. I’m curious, out of these five ways, which do you recommend or prefer over others? If so, have you tried any of these techniques yourself?

Replying to

Hi beloved i have tried and experimented with all of these methods and truly do enjoy them all. Each method brings a different perspective. Because of my caribbean roots i enjoy the most trance dancing, it allows me to fully immerse myself mind body and soul. My second favorite is The Tarot and oracle cards, this method allows me to tap deep into the depths of the answers that i am seeking without the fluff of my ego. My Third favorite would be the visualization and creativity exercises. For me i use this as a fun way to tap into my creative side, i draw, paint and do visualization techniques to bring new ideas and expand my thinking process. I…

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