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Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2022

Cancer The Power Is in Your Hands This Month | Expect April to open the doors to success

Cancer the career sector in your chart is booming in April. You are still sitting in peek energy when it comes to your career. The first half of April will prove to be another successful period for you.

New Moon in Aries

The new moon on April 1st will be making an appearance in your 10th house. The 10th house rules everything to do with your profession. This month starts off with an opportunity to take a deep dive into your career goals and professional pursuits. Your planet of finances will also be in good shape this month as it will also be sitting in the career sector of your chart. This placement can also indicate a pay rase or unexpected income on the horizon. Random thoughts of failure might also bombard your mind around this time, don't be alarmed this is happening because the sun will be linking forces with Chiron the wounded healer. Ground yourself and recite positive affirmations to ease any discomfort that this astrological placement may bring.

April 4th - 17th

On the 4th of April Mars will be linking forces with Saturn while sitting in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This placement can be reveling some hidden debts, or you may be feeling as though your investments haven't been paying off fast enough. Spirit wants to remind you that the sacrifices that you make today will be worth it in the long run, so it is important to not lose sight of the end goal just yet. This is the time to turn your blank canvas into your own creative space while building the life that you deserve. The universe is calling you to explore the possibilities available to you right now. On the 12th of April get ready to expand your consciousness as the surrounding energies of Jupiter and Neptune bring a lighter energetic tone. Thus, allowing you to dive into new subjects that will help you learn new things needed for future use.

A full moon in Libra will be gracing us with its presence on the 16th of April. This full moon will be asking you to add some much-needed TLC into your daily routine while also finding balance in the workplace. Feelings of being home sick or wanting to return to your roots may arise with this full moon. Creating a personal space in your current home dedicated to the things you love can help alleviate the strain of these emotions. If it is feelings of lost love, you will find yourself daydreaming of reliving some sort of past event or relationship. Soul connections are also likely to pop up for you this month cancer.

April 20th - 30th Solar Eclipse

As the month of April comes to an end Venus the planet of love links forces with Neptune and Jupiter in your 9th house, you may be feeling the need to follow your intuition and instincts. On the 30 of April brace yourself for a powerful change and or transformation within your social circle. At this time spirit is asking you to Shedd energies that are no longer a frequency match to yours. As you shed these energies allow yourself to process the emotions of letting go. After all you will be one step closer to finding your soul tribe.

Best Days For Cancer In April 2022 (8,17,18,25,26)

Stressful Days For Cancer In April 2022 (1,15,16,22,28)



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