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Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2022

Leo April Brings Some Much-Needed Adventure | You Are Born to Lead

Leo April will be asking you to step out of your comfort zone. The universe is ready to hand you the keys to the kingdom, are you ready? It's time to see the good in the things that you have called bad, nothing in your suffering has been meaningless. Trust that you will find your place in the world even when you don't know how to get there. Spirit is asking you to challenge yourself to be stronger than any challenge that comes your way this month.

New Moon in Aries

At the beginning of the month, you will find yourself focusing on relationships, transformation, and finances. This astrological placement will be shaking up your 9th house of expansion and wisdom. The Sun will also be sitting in your 9th house bringing in room for optimism, expansion, and growth overall. On the 4th of April Mars will link forces with Saturn in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. You will be oozing cosmic energy this month making you magnetic. This is a great time to put your charming skills to good use. Keep in mind that your health still needs some extra attention this month. Make sure that you are resting and grounding your energy for proper energetic health. This is a good time to find a hobby that allows you to use your creative skills as an outlet. With the changes that are occurring this month spirit is asking you to flow like water, this will allow you to embrace the changes with an open mind and adaptability. Now is a time to reignite your passions and embrace the newness in the air.

April 12th - 20th

On the 12th of April new opportunities to enhance your lifestyle will be presented to you. The universe will be singing sweet melodies of healing for you Leo. Allowing you to push past the emotional baggage brought in by Chiron the Wounded Healer. You are using the force that works through your soul to bring about the long-awaited changes you seek. All things are possible now, closed doors and opportunities are now being opened for you. As Jupiter links forces with Neptune, the relationship sector of your chart begins to illuminate. This transit will open you up to deeper levels of intimacy and connection with your partner. This will allow you to nurture and give some long-awaited TLC to the areas in the relationship that have been lacking attention for a while now. Harness this love and romance energy while it's still lingering in the air Leo, there is nothing wrong with letting your guard down to receive some good loving. On the 16th of April, a Full Moon in Libra will be gracing us with its beautiful presence. This full moon energy will be blasting through your third house of communication sending shock waves through to the ethers. This spicy energy coursing through you will finally allow you to find the right words to express what you're feeling. You'll be able to communicate with others in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. This newfound ability will help you in all aspects of your life, from personal relationships to professional success. It's time to let it all out, Leo!!!!! The universe will be pushing you out of your comfort zone and directing you on the journey to finding your authentic voice. It's time to speak up, you got this.

April 27 - 30th

As the month comes to an end, you may find yourself feeling the need to shed any additional energies that you've been carrying around. Let go of anything that's been weighing you down, so that you can move forward into the new month refreshed and rejuvenated. This can be a great time to focus on your personal growth and development. shedding old energies can help make room for new, more positive ones to come into your life. A solar eclipse on April 30th occurs in your 10th house and will bring some major changes to your career. Get ready for a shake-up! The ruling planet of Leos is the sun, so it's no surprise that solar eclipses have a strong effect on them. There is something about the power and intensity of the sun that makes eclipse moments special for Leos. Maybe it's the way the sun magically reappears after being gone for a while, or perhaps it's because eclipses are rare, and Leos enjoy feeling like they're part of something unique. Either way, solar eclipses are definitely a time when Leos feel their connection to the cosmos more strongly than usual. However, solar eclipses also offer an opportunity for rebirth and transformation. They are a time when we can let go of the old and make way for the new. If you are a Leo, embrace the power of the eclipse and use it to create positive change in your life.

Best Days For Leo In April 2022 (2,10,19,28,29)

Stressful Days For Leo In April 2022 (3,4,17,23,30)



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