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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope May 2022 | Divine Alchemist High Priestess

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Have a look at the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign in this article. Find out what to expect and how it will affect you

Sagittarius, your May 2022 horoscope is urging you to focus on yourself. Trust your instincts and don't let anyone distract you from your goals. Keep your mind, body, and spirit in alignment, and you'll be able to weather any storm.

May 1st - 15th

On May 3rd, Jupiter will enter into a sextile with Pluto. This creates a positive change that can be felt on a spiritual and healing level. Change can be difficult, but it can also be natural and exciting. If you're feeling ready to make some important changes in your life, know that this is an auspicious time to do so. Trust your instincts and go with the flow. The universe is supporting you on your journey.

Two short-term planetary stresses will have a light effect on your health in May. However, don't be discouraged. Your 6th house of health still looks really good, you just have to make sure that you are getting enough energetic rest. The healing power of touch is also well-known. If you're looking for a way to refresh yourself around this period, indulge in a head, neck, and face massage. This practice can help improve stress levels.

On May 10th, Mercury enters into retrograde. This means that the planet Mercury will appear to be moving backward in its orbit. Mercury is the planet of communication, so during this time, it's important to be more mindful of how you express yourself. It's important to stay away from any unnecessary drama when Mercury is retrograded.

On the 11th of May Jupiter, the ruler of your horoscope makes a big move into your 5th house. This is a time of significant change and new beginnings. Jupiter brings good fortune, luck, and abundance. The 5th house is the house of creativity, romance, and fun. This is a time to embrace your inner child, enjoy life, and follow your heart. This is a very important time for you, and you should make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. This will be a time of beautiful encounters for you Sagittarius. You will build strong bonds and find calmness within yourself. These experiences will enrich your life and leave you feeling spiritually transformed. This is a time of abundance and good fortune. Make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. There is so much to be grateful for. Be kind to yourself and others, and enjoy the moment.

May 16th - 29th

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

The stars are said to Bless us with a Powerful Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on the 16th of May. You might need to take some time for yourself during this eclipse and allow yourself to refuel. After all, you deserve it! This isn't just a regular old moon phase, this is a powerful lunar eclipse that falls on a key date in the astrological calendar. Make sure you're reaping all the benefits by being prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This lunar eclipse is set to occur in your 12th house of spirituality. This celestial event has the potential to be deeply meaningful for you on a spiritual level. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition during this time, as they may offer valuable insights. You may also feel called to take a more introspective, self-reflective approach to life. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be open to whatever comes up. This lunar eclipse will bring big changes to your spiritual belief system and practice. You may find yourself drawn to new or different beliefs, or feeling a stronger connection with the divine than ever before. It offers an opportunity for you to rise into your power and become more authentically yourself. Be open to what the universe has in store for you. Allow yourself to journey deeply into your spirituality, and embrace the profound transformation that awaits you. Embrace these changes and let them lead you into greater freedom and power in your life. Spiritual growth is possible during any moment in life.

Saturn your financial planet will be directly impacted, this means that your relationship with money and work will be changing as well. This can be a time of great opportunity if you are willing to stay mindful and cautious with your spending, while also being open to new job opportunities. For those already employed, there may be advances in work or projects. Whatever changes come your way during this time, remember to remain free and rise into your power. May you find abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life!

New Moon May 30th

The universe has your back, Sagitarus. This month, be free and rise into your power. Allow the cosmos to help you balance your energies as you work to expand the seed you have planted. Remember that even though May has had its twists and turns, the comos are still aligning in your favor. Trust in the process and allow yourself to blossom into all that you are meant to be. This New Moons energy is asking you to focus on the areas needing improvement, so that you can free up energetic space for new downloads.

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