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Libra Monthly Horoscope June 2022 | Divine Alchemist High Priestess

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Have a look at the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign in this article. Find out what to expect and how it will affect you

Libra May's retrograde put a spotlight on your emotional relationships and psyche. If you took the time to explore the hidden depths of your psyche during this retrograde, know that it was all worth it. The insights you gained could lead to some major realizations about yourself and your relationships. Be open to what comes next and don't be afraid to face whatever truths await you. Remember, Libra is a sign that is all about balance, so try not to swing too far in either direction. Allow yourself time to process everything that has come up for you over these last few weeks and stay tuned for more exciting things on the horizon! Now it's time to start June with a fresh and new perspective on how to move forward.

As Mercury begins to move forward once again on June 3rd, you may feel a sense of relief wash over you. This is the time when things will start making more sense and you can begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The retrograde period was likely a time when you revisited some old pain or trauma from your past. Now that Mercury is moving direct, it’s time for healing and understanding to take place. Allow yourself to be open to what comes up during this time and know that there is meaning behind all that transpired. Trust that the universe has your best interests at heart and be willing to look within for answers. This was necessary so that you could clear out any remaining baggage and make way for the new beginnings that are coming your way. Now that Mercury is going direct, you can finally put the past behind you and move on with your life. Remember to stay positive and believe in yourself – you have everything it takes to achieve your dreams.

On June 11th, the planet of Venus in Taurus will transition into a conjunction position with Uranus in Taurus. This planetary alignment is significant because it marks a time of great change and spiritual awakening for many Libra's. You may find that this is a time when you struggle to balance your need for freedom and independence with your desire for meaningful love relationships. It will be important for you to honor all aspects of yourself during this time and to find ways to connect with others that don't require you to give up your sense of self. If you can do this, you'll likely find that the challenges you face during this transit lead to new levels of understanding and growth in your relationships. You may feel pulled in opposite directions as you try to balance your need for togetherness and love with your equally strong desire for freedom and independence. Remember that it is possible to have both, but you will need to work hard to maintain the equilibrium. Be patient with yourself and those around you, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. The challenges you face this month can be overcome with a little bit of effort and understanding. Mercury re-enters Gemini on the 13th of June, and with it comes a time of revelations. Delayed news might pop up around this time - but don't be worried this is the universe's way of giving you an extra moment to prepare for any upcoming events. This transit is all about understanding and communication, so use this time to connect with your loved ones. If there are any misunderstandings between you, they should clear up now.

If you're looking to deepen your connection with a loved one, this is the perfect time. The trine between Venus and Pluto on the 20th of June will bring out the best in both of you, opening up communication and promoting understanding. You may find yourselves discussing spiritual topics or simply enjoying each other's company more than ever. This is also an excellent time for committing to a long-term relationship or deepening an existing bond. Romantic feelings will be intensified, as the planets work together to create a powerful love energy. This is an excellent time to get close to your partner, express your affections, and enjoy the increased intimacy that this planetary alignment brings. If you’re single, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there – you may find that Cupid has his arrow aimed squarely at you. Venus your ruling planet enters Gemini on Wednesday, June 22 and this is good news for your sex life. This transit will increase your desire to flirt and have fun in the bedroom. If you’ve been feeling a little bored or restless in your relationship, now is the time to spice things up. Gemini is all about variety and experimentation, so be prepared to try new things in bed. If you’re single, now is the time to hit the dating scene and enjoy some playful encounters. Enjoy this time of sexual exploration. The Cancer new moon on June 28 will also usher in a time of sexual and emotional fulfillment in the bedroom. If you're looking to spice up your sex life, this is the perfect time to do it! Work on building trust and intimacy with your partner, and let yourself be open to new experiences. This month, Libra can expect to experience some emotional ups and downs as the energies try to balance themselves out. However, it is important to remember that these fluctuations are normal, and that we all go through them sometimes. If you need some time for self-care, be sure to take it. You can expect to end this month with a bang – you’ve got this Libra!

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