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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope June 2022 | Divine Alchemist High Priestess

Have a look at the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign in this article. Find out what to expect and how it will affect you

Capricorn, June 2022 looks like it will be a great month for you. You can expect to see success and growth in your career and education, as well as good fortune coming your way. Keep up the hard work, Capricorns, because it looks like things are going to pay off. Luck is on your side in June as the stars align in your favor. You may find yourself in many fortunate situations, due to your hard work and continued determination for success. The stars are definitely aligning for you and creating positive circumstances and change.

The end of Mercury retrograde is a time of new beginnings. It’s when you can finally put all of that pent-up creative energy to use and start manifesting your dreams into reality. This is the perfect time to get in touch with your spiritual side and really focus on what makes you feel alive. The end of Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect on the things that inspire you and find ways to turn that inspiration into tangible art. This is a time when you can reconnect with what makes you feel alive and use that energy to create something beautiful. Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities during this time and see where your creative endeavors take you. On June 3, the Moon in Cancer will be in a sextile position to the planet Mercury in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus is a very practical and down-to-earth sign. This placement helps us to see the value in what we have and makes us resistant to change. The Moon sextile Mercury in Taurus will help you to find stability and security in your relationships, finances, and daily routines. You may find that this aspect brings about a calmer more patient demeanor that can be helpful when dealing with difficult people or situations. If you have been feeling off-balance recently, this June 3rd transit could be just what you need to get back on track after shedding the energies of this past retrograde. If you are looking for a time to get in touch with your feelings and intuition, this is the time. The Moon in Cancer will help you to be more understanding and caring of those around you, while Mercury in Taurus will help you to ground these emotions and make them tangible. This aspect can be helpful if you are feeling lost or uncertain of your path; it can give you some guidance as to where your intuition is leading you.

On June 11, Venus and Uranus will be teaming up in your fifth house of fun and pleasure.

This is an excellent time to let loose and explore new creative endeavors. This is a time when you can enjoy life to the fullest and let your playful side out to play. You may be attracted to new experiences and people during this time, so go ahead and explore whatever interests you. There is a strong spiritual component to this energy as well, so be open to new ways of looking at things. Embrace change with enthusiasm – it promises to add some excitement to your life. Family will be very important for you this month also Capricorn, make sure your spending enough time with the people you love. Take some time to dive into your intimate relationships and pour some love into anything that has been neglected in these relationships. If you are in a committed relationship this is the time to nurture your partner and bring a fresh new loving perspective into the relationship dynamic. For singles, this is the perfect time to connect with others that bring out the best in you. June is a month of growth and plenty of opportunities to connect with your loved ones. The Moon being in Cancer will bring out your loving side, making interactions feel more spiritual, which will help you be more empathetic to the needs of those around you. This heightened level of understanding will facilitate your ability to nurture your relationships. The Moon being in Cancer during this time also brings out your more sensitive side, making June a poetic month for growth and spiritual connection.

Mercury in Gemini on June 13th is all about communication, both verbal and written. You may find yourself taking a more spiritual approach to your communications, understanding the other person’s point of view and caring about their feelings. This transit can be a time of great creativity when it comes to writing, speaking and even marketing. Captivating your audience will come easily now – just let your natural charisma shine through! Mercury in Gemini brings new opportunities for communication. This is a time when you can really get your message across, whether it’s through words or actions. You may find that people are more receptive to your ideas and you have the ability to understand others better than ever before. Use this time to connect with others, share your thoughts and learn as much as you can. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th will be passing through your 12th house of spirituality. This planetary transit will be asking you to connect to your mind, body, and spirit to become one with the Universe. By doing so, you will be able to tap into your higher power and align yourself with your true purpose. By channeling your energies this month, you will be able to create lasting change in your life and manifest your deepest desires. On the 16th of June Neptune in Pisces will be in a strong square with the Sun in Gemini. This transit could bring confusion and misunderstanding to many different areas of your life. It is important to stay grounded during this time and remember that we are all connected. Implement practices of yoga and meditation to calm the effects of this planetary alignment.

Best Days For Capricorn In June 2022 (6,7,15,16,23,24,25)

Stressful Days For Capricorn In June 2022 (3,9,10,21,22,28,29,30)


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