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Gemini Monthly Horoscope May 2022 | Divine Alchemist High Priestess

Have a look at the monthly horoscope for your zodiac sign in this article. Find out what to expect and how it will affect you

The gods are smiling on you this month. You'll have some major financial benefits coming in May, and it's all thanks to your lucky star sign! The second quarter of the year has arrived with great news for people born under Gemini: there will be an infusion into any hobby or occupation that they do so casually- which could lead them down a path towards making permanent money from these things eventually too if done right (or simply enjoy doing).

May 1st - 15

The month of May will be full with events that are both exciting and challenging. The heavenly bodies such as Jupiter, the planet associated with love in your eastern sector is moving away from its previous location to take up residence in the zodiac sign of Aries. The Twins' month of May 2022 is going to be a busy time. You will receive boosts from the universe, making you focused and productive (especially during these daydreamy phases). But this period also features work-related ambitions that will demand attention; it's not all socialization! Luckily there are some great duality moments in between—perfect opportunities for taking care of both aspects as you see fit. The influences of the Sun and Rahu in the fifth house can cause a dispute with your spouse. There is also an increased chance for conflict with a spouse or family members due to these two points being located at 11th hr houses too.

The sky is filled with activity during the next three weeks. From May 2nd-10th, Venus will enter Aries and Jupiter following suit on May 10th which will bring a general vibe of indulgent adventure-seeking; however, there may be some issues when it comes to journeys or communications for this period due to their retrograde positions in Gemini during those days. As the planet Mercury goes into retrograde on May 10th, communication gets muddled and people may misunderstand your intent or convey words inaccurately. Geminis have a reputation for knowing everyone around them's business; be sure that any news you share isn't further leaked by this time.

The Gemini May 2022 horoscope is calling for a time of self-reflection, where you can get rid of any negative energy from last year and start afresh with fresh air. This month will be great at cleaning out your closet as well: figuratively speaking! We all have things that we don't want to carry with us anymore. Whether it's an old love or bad vibe, there are plenty of opportunities for change! Spend some time today looking behind you and see what remains in your wake before moving forward into a new chapter

-Keri Lark

May 16th - 29th

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on May 16th is a time for changes, both big and small. It will affect your health as well as what you do at work or where it concerns the conditions of employment in general; so be sure to take note. The inner Moon represents changes in your health and work life. This month, the celestial body will be in conjunction with six stars which can suggest new beginnings or variations on an old theme (the 6th house). You might see a shift at home as well--whether it's less stress due to improved routines; more time spent together because you're both feeling better than before...whatever is needed!

You might find yourself in high-pressure situations where your skills are put to the test. You could receive appreciation from those who matter most, like family members or employers; they'll know how hard you've been working! It's also possible that some people will get promotions at work which means increased earning power for all of us -- especially if we're traveling professionals such as tour guides and travel agents (or any other kind!). Artistic fields may experience greater success with newfound fame while entertainment industries see major progress made towards achieving new highs.

Jupiter is your spirit guide this month. It encourages and supports all of the projects you're working on, so take advantage! The 20th marks an ideal time for taking those big risks that can make or break any dreams come true - don't be afraid to go after what's in front if it--you got nothing left holding back now (apart from failure). Mars ends things nicely; with unstoppable energy guiding us forward while also teaching lessons we need to learn about ourselves along our journey...but remember: there are Always dangers lurking nearby when dealing w/ unforeseen elements like unexpected obstacles which could cause blockages along the way.

The mid-month period is a time when you may experience some stomach-related problems such as vomiting or diarrhea. It's important to keep your diet light and avoid eating outside food during this span of the month because it could lead into more serious health complications if left untreated! Additionally, be mindful about how much sugar/salt intake has been occurring recently - Remember: less rather than more can actually make things worse at times so watch out for those cravings...This means taking care not only physically but mentally too; especially

May 30th New Moon

You may be feeling a bit giddy and excited about the new moon's arrival, but it is important not to let your emotions get out of control. The lunation will bring some changes that can lead you down unexpected paths--keep an open mind while celebrating this special occasion! The New Moon in Gemini occurs on May 30th, signifying a new beginning to all those things you've been putting off.

Best Days For Gemini In May 2022 (3,4,12,13,21,30,31)

Stressful Days For Gemini In May (10,16,17,23,24)


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